Bear Creek Dehydrated Soup Sales are My Favorite

My local store had Bear Creek dehydrated soups on sale.  I bought a couple of each flavor.  I like to get foods and try them out before I order a case online.  I cooked up some cheesy potato soup…oh MY!!!

This soup was a HUGE hit with my family.  Everyone was raving.  Boil water and dump in packet.  Stir. One son described it as liquid scalloped potatoes.  I would highly recommend this flavor!!  This company makes so many flavors and they really are all quite good.  I am a prepper at heart, but I am also a busy mom, and these soups are so nice to have on hand for a quick supper or a lazy weekend day when everyone is hungry but no one wants to get out of jammies for the day.

We have such a busy schedule that part of prepping for me is preparing ahead, so my family can have some down time each weekend.  People get so busy that they don’t take the time to recharge.  It is important to have good healthy meals at home.  It is also important to be able to feed your family quickly and easily, so it is less stress on mom.

I will mention some of my family’s favorites…just to whet your appetite!

  • Darn Good Chili– This is a great basic chili that you can cook up serve with grated cheese and chopped onion and POOF you are done…or you can doctor it up with some leftovers in your frig.   I have thrown the leftover burger,  the limp half onion, and the sad smig of tomato juice no one drank, and made it all disappear into delicious chili that everyone loves!   I have thrown in some extra beans and peppers to fill it out, because I had company coming and nothing thawed to feed that many.


  • Vegetable Beef-Again a favorite because of it’s versatility.  It is fine as a stand alone quickie meal, but it is even better if you use it as a base.  So many people are afraid of making homemade soups because of the flavoring.  These soups take that away.  They are well seasoned.  You can easily add more water and veggies to stretch it out into a stewpot full and still have a good flavor.  Might need a little garlic, salt and pepper…but everything needs more garlic!



  • Chicken Noodle-This soup is sooooo good on a cold day when you are feeling yucky.  I don’t know why…but chicken noodle is the best comfort food.  This has lovely wide noodles.  If you like more broth, just add more water.  Easy to make when cold medicine is addling your brain.



  • Sante Fe Chipotle–  This is another family favorite!  My kids like a little spice…and this delivers.  It’s not crazy hot, but it has a little kick and good flavors.

These soups are all good and require a minimum of ingredients.  Most do require a meat to be added.  I usually either add some leftovers that are already cooked or a can of roast beef or chicken.  It keeps the meal inexpensive and fast.  Most canned meats taste fine in a dish, but can have a soft texture for stand alone eating.  This is a great way to utilize them.

I really hope you give Bear Creek soups a try.  I think you will be pleasantly surprised with all the soups and the time you save in cooking and dishes.


  1. Hey Enid, nice post and thanks for sharing these delightful soups with us. I am already hungry and craving some chicken noodle soup now 🙂 Thanks again and keep posting new recipes!

    • Always glad to share my favorites. Sometimes coming up with the idea for food is the hardest part of cooking. These soups make it easy on those weary days. Chicken noodle is soooo good!

  2. They all look so convenient to make and yummy, especially the Chicken Noodle! These dehydrated soups will surely be useful to have around when busy moms are too tired or simply too busy to make a meal from scratch.

    • That is why I love them. They are just as easy as nuking something out of a box…but taste better and have more nutrition. Long live the soup seasons!

  3. Hi Enid,
    A very informative article of a soup brand I didnt know much about. I like that you give ideas on how to make it better. The Santa Fe soup look especially interesting to me, I might have to try that.

  4. I’m going to have to try these soups. I have tried many others but not bear creak. Thank you for the great info. I am bookmarking your site as well.

    • Always good to meet someone willing to try new things. These are excellent , tasty and have a long shelf life…hope you are pleased with the results!

  5. I might just have to give these a try if I ever see them in the supermarket. I don’t know if they’re sold in the UK but I will certainly keep my eyes peeled for them.
    Thanks for sharing these soups with us.

    • I am not sure if they sell them in markets there. Amazon might ship…it’s hard to check that from this end. I hope you can find them…love sharing the yummy!

  6. For some reason, making soup from scratch can sometimes seem like too much work to me, so I love finding faster soup ideas like this. I appreciate you giving tips on additions to the soups, too. Sounds great for fall!

  7. These sound amazing. I must admit, I am a fan of a quick meal. I guess my one question would be on the nutrition value? Do you have an image of the back of a pack that I could see to look at the nutritional values, or would you say that they are more of a treat?

    • I have seen some pictures of the back on Amazon. I will see if I can find them. For the most part these are dehydrated food with veggies and real ingredients. They are a treat and I am sure they are not as healthy as a home cooked meal, but they have far less chemicals and preservatives than dinners in a box.

  8. Hello,
    I love the chili and the potato soup. I add ham , broccoli and cheese to the potato soup and wow is it good. I will definitely be ordering some of these.

  9. Hi there,
    I just LOVE the bear creek potato soup. It is so fantastic. I buy it all the time. I try to keep some on hand too in my emergency food supplies as it is so easy to make since you just add water.
    I haven’t tried the other flavors yet. Sometimes they are hard to find around my area. But I will have to pick some other flavors up and give them a try.
    Thanks for the review.

    • They are so good, and easy to fix. I am very fond of these for quick easy meals on stressed nights. I usually add some random stuff to personalize them for my family…and sometimes as a way to dress up leftovers.

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