Begin Prepping Now!

So where do you begin to prep?

The answers are simple…but they are not easy.

prepared-chalkboard-readyThe first place to start prepping is in your mind.  If you have the mindset that there are agencies out there designed to help disaster victims…then you are destined to be a victim…waiting for aid.  If you realize that sometimes help doesn’t come as fast as we want, or in the way we want, so we need to do the legwork to keep our own family safe and comfortable if problems arise…then you will overcome.  Who you want to be is your choice…you choose with your action or lack of it.

I provide the information to be informed.  I provide the links to products that will help you.  I will help you research questions and help you resolve problems.  But the motivation and determination is on you.  The idea that my kids could be left cold and hungry is my motivation.  I will skip a new gadget or cable tv so that I have the money to provide food and heat for my children.  That is my motivation.  You have to decide on your priorities.

You have to get your finances in order.  Most people don’t feel like they have ‘extra’ money to prep.   I actually make instant gratification choices.  If I take the cans to the recycling or have my change counted at the bank, I take that extra money and buy a case of food or a case of water or a bottle of bleach.  Whatever amount I got, I invest it immediately.  I have a list of goals, and  I keep track so I can check things off my list.  

Pickup Truck Driving from Storm

Is there a storm coming?

Some preppers feel that you must have supplies for years, or you have failed.  That’s silly.  Anything you do is better than nothing.  When I started, I made sure that we had enough food, water, soap, toilet paper, coffee, heating and cooking fuel, and light for three days.  Then I made sure I had a good supply of all medical supplies.  I made sure that everyone in my house had sturdy boots, heavy coats, extra hats and gloves and socks.  Then I made sure we had a basic camping kit.  Sleeping bags and pillows for everyone, a tent big enough for all of us, cast iron pans to cook over a fire.  I made sure my car was in good repair.  I made sure each car stays above 1/2 on the fuel gauge.  Then I went back and started adding to my food and water supplies, expanding my supplies to a week then a month.  I started to learn how to do survival skills.  I learned to use hand tools.  I started selling some of the stuff in my house that I don’t use, and using the money to buy things that will help me now and in case of emergencies.  There are a ton of things you can do with little or no money…if you are willing to do some work.  

I am up to about three months.  If we had a blizzard that knocked the power out and we were snowed in, we have enough wood, food, water, medical supplies and dog food to be warm and safe for 3 months.  I also have enough books, games, and distractions to keep everyone sane.  So I feel pretty ok about that.  If there was a wildfire, and we got evacuated, we are prepared to pack and go in under an hour, and be ok.  I feel good about that.  I know that in the event of a zombie apocalypse or complete economic crash, I am not totally safe, but I have prepared for the most likely issues in my area first.  That is the best I can do right now.  This prepping also gets me more ready for a larger disaster.  You can’t do everything.  Everyone can’t build a bunker…I can’t.  But I can do the best I can with the resources God has given me.  I will not watch my kids suffer because I spent money on downloads and lattes, not canned food and heaters.

Just do something everyday! We will be discussing action steps that will get you and your family ready for any emergency situation.  I will also show you how to use what you have to make the best in bad situations.  Thanks for checking in!





  1. Hello Enid, great plan to be prepared, my Dad always took care of a battery lamp, checked the batteries on scedule, and a battery world radio, to be not locked out of the news when electricity falls out, keep up the good work, allthough both are not eatable, they are important preperations, greetings Loes

    • It is important to have light and information as well as food. I am glad you stopped in. I hope to see you again!

  2. Hello, Enid! I just wanted to say Bravo on your site! I honestly love your theme and your writing is fantastic! I know my site has a long way to go as well… You are definitely one of those who inspire me now 🙂 Keep up the great work! I learned a lot of useful things on your page 😀

    • Thanks for the encouragement. It’s always good to hear that the site is working well. Sometimes you look at it so long you get siteblind. I am glad its appealing. I am sure your site is coming along nicely. You just have to keep adding value…everything else is gravy. Have a great night.

  3. Hi Enid – well done with your site – it is evolving very nicely. You make some very interesting points and people very often get caught out when there is a power outage or severe weather – being prepared is very important. Well done!

  4. Hi Enid- Your first statement “The first place to start prepping is in your mind” is so true. In times of hardship we must mentally prepare first, keep calm and alert. Priorities are also a must as most people in a disaster situation are for the most part unprepared and don’t know where to start first. Having a list is a great idea as well, so you can just check off what you have and add what you need. This is a great article full of pertinent information and I believe a must read for everyone!


    • It is true that people will live or die by the mindset they have…if you panic you are in trouble. Staying calm is essential. I am so glad to get your feedback. It is always good meet like minded folks. I hope you stay tuned.

    • Good to hear from you Larry. I do love to get information to the people. Most folks would do more if they knew what to do.

  5. You have a great disaster preparedness plan and love your products,
    This is something that everybody should have, or at least the basics. we never know when a disaster will hit us.

    • It’s true that disaster can strike anytime…it might be a personal one like the loss of a job or as crazy as an earthquake. It is important to be as prepared with skills and supplies as you can be.

  6. Great post, Enid – stay ready so you don’t have to get ready. I like your note about ‘choice’ and that we ultimately choose a victim mindset (wait for others) or to step up and be accountable – true in disaster relief, true in life.

    • Very true. A victim mentality can affect every area of your life. You choose what you do with the pieces of life you are handed…will you step up or cower and hide.

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