Prepper Supply List

Prepper Supply List


Maybe you can’t afford this…but you need to do something!


This Prepper’s Supply List is a place to start.  You might consider these things as you get a survival plan together. Its will cover  prepping for small emergencies all the way up to the Doomsday Prepper. It is not everything, but it will get you well on your way to being ready for what may come. Pick the items from the survival list that fit your situation the best.  Make a plan and get started on your path to survival. This list is not exhaustive, it is just a list to get you going.

A Real  Disaster Plan:

 Water Filters (Purifiers): and a large stockpile of water. I keep a 400 gallons of potable water stocked up in my home. You could find yourself in a situation that staying indoors might be the smart thing to do. Remember to get food grade containers.
 Food for survival: Canned, dehydrated and freeze dried… get things you like. It will be stressful enough. No need to make it worse. Stress can lead to bad decisions, bad decisions can kill. I like to use these items and rotate them out, that way they never get close to the expiration date. It also lets me get a feel for the product and lets my family taste it before hand.
Important Documents: You should have all your important documents in an easy to grab accordion folder.  You should also have a thumb drive with digital copies at a secure location, in a different area(like grandma’s house 3 states away)
 Carbon Monoxide Detectors : Get the battery powered type.Even when you are careful, you should have this in a closed space.  Safety is first…always.
predator generator Portable Generators They can get very pricey but not as bad as they were a few years ago. I have two, one large and one small for backup. Mechanical things break and in a emergency a backup can be a life saver. Don’t forget gas, oil and spare spark plugs. Yes they are noisy and may not work in your plan. That’s up to you to figure out.
 Cookstoves : Propane, white gas  or kerosene… You need something to cook with and these are cheap and easy to use.  The fuel is easy to find.
Firesticks: These are not a long term solution for fire, but for emergencies at home they are quick easy and fairly reliable.
 Propane Cylinders: This includes large and small. I have two Coleman camping stoves that use the 1 pound canisters and a gas grill that uses the bigger tanks. I keep a lot of propane cylinder for both. When the price is high I just use what I have. When the price goes down I take them to be refilled. The one pounders can be refill from the 20 pounders with a small adapter. Most people have the Coleman type lanterns that use to 1 pounders as well.
Mantles for your lanterns: don’t forget them. If you have used lanterns before you probably know it would be best to keep a lot of them. Some other replacement part for your lanterns and stoves would be a good idea as well. On some of the very isolated beaches of Texas while on fishing trips I have traded them for lots of beer.
 Mini Heaters: Small heaters that go on top of the one pound propane bottles. If you have to Bug Out they will come in handy. Small and lite, they will heat a good size room better than you might think. Some times the larger propane heaters are just too much. Be aware you need to have the heated area ventilated. Carbon Monoxide will build up in a closed area.
 Lamp, Oil, Wicks: get more than you think you will need they are a good barter item and I have found it goes faster than you think. Get the clear if you can but colored is ok. Candles are great but just don’t fill the bill compared to oil lamps.
 Coleman Fuel: Here is another one to stockpile and lots of it. It is another item for barter as well. I am lucky enough to have a shop out back of the house. I never keep flammables in the garage. Some of you may have problems with storing these items so just do what you can. This one goes on the barter list as well.
Charcoal and Lighter Fluid: These will go fast in a emergency so have some stocked. Even if you don’t use it someone will want it and be willing to trade for it.
fire ring montana

My backyard…

Firewood:It will take 6 to 8 months to season. If you have no other reason to have firewood but for prepping it will need to be checked for rot every few years.

Hatchet, Bow saws and Axes: maybe a wedge or two would be a good idea. Sharpeners and some honing oil. Make sure you know how to use every tool you have.  You don’t have to like doing it, but use it enough that you will be confident using it in an emergency.

 Writing paper, pencils pads, Journals, scrapbook and your Diary if you keep one. I hesitated to put some of this in but my wife insisted. Maybe some crayons and coloring book while we are at it. Its for the grand kids really and I’m sticking to that story!

Ice chests are a good way to keep things from freezing during the winter months. You can keep some items stored in them until they or the chest is needed.
Fire Extinguishers and or a large box of Baking Soda in each room. Never know and the firemen might be at home taking care of their families. I would!
Portable Toilets: This could be as simple as a 5 gal. bucket with a few trash bags and toilet paper, lots of it. I have toilet paper and baby wipes in mine.
Survival Guide Book: Even with all my experiences, I still find the need for a good guide. I don’t know anyone that remembers it all. Although I do know a few know it all’s. Well at least they think they do.  Remember that all the info in your tablet is useless once it’s dead.
First aid kits: Very important but don’t go overboard. If you are not a surgeon don’t get one only a surgeon would know how to use.
Batteries: As you fill your Preppers survival list you will have items that use batteries. Keep a supply of them on hand. They don’t store all that well so you will have to replace them from time to time. I keep the need for batteries down to a minimum, just for short lived emergencies.
carhartt-work-jacketCold weather gear: Winter coats, boots, Woolen clothing, scarves, ear-muffs, mittens or winter gloves. Choose these items well. Don’t go cheap, buy with your areas winter weather in mind.
Gloves: Working gloves good heavy ones and if you are a long term Prepper get stocked up. Gloves protect from injury, injuries can kill even small ones. Cold weather and maybe gloves for gardening.
Lantern Hangers: Lets not forget these handy items. They come in handy for more than just hanging your lanterns.
Flashlights and Light Sticks come in handy but are for the most part short term items. I’m not sure how long the Light sticks store but I do keep some for emergencies.
Matches: Strike Anywhere are my first pick. The large wooden type. I like to keep mine in Mason Jars with a peace of sand paper in the top. I also cut the sides of the box, the strikers off and place them in the jar.
 right-side_carhartt-washed-denim-logger-dungaree-double-kneeWork Clothes: Blue Jeans, work boots, belts, and durable work shirts. If you are not used to hard work, you will if SHTF. Things might be worse than you can imagine.
Candles: Lots of candles. It can get pricey but you can make them yourself and save some money. If you are like me you have more time than money. Any place you can save some cash means you can get more survival supplies.
Vinegar and Bleach for disinfectant cleaning and water. You may need to collect water from sources you can’t be sure of. Just grab a few from the super market and put them away. The shelf life is good but not that good. It would be wise to rotate them out from time to time..
Paper plates, cups and utensils. I like paper plates, you can burn  them and be done.  It doesn’t waste your water on washing dishes. You don’t need the aggravation right now either.
Books: You will find that books not only can be educational but they can settle the mind and pass the time. I rarely get rid of books. Get books to teach you what you need to know and don’t. Get books just for the fun of it reading.  Book, books and more books.
Candy and Chewing Gum maybe not high on the priority list but well worth having.
 Shovels can be used for many things but the one that come to mind is waste disposal. Lime / Lye should be added to the hole if you will be located in the same area for a long period. Decomposition is your friend.
Sleeping Bags, pillows, blankets and mats. This might be a better choice than a cot and tent depending on your situation. Even with a sleeping bag and tent you would want a pillow.
A deck of cards a board game or two something to pass the time and take your mind off of things for a while. If you have kids think about games they can play as well. Their will be times you just have nothing to do. Boredom can drive you nuts.
A Bible. Not only is it a spiritual uplift it is full of great stories.
Longer Term Disaster Plan:
 Washboards, Mop Bucket with wringer this is for laundry: If the emergency last long enough you will want this. Don’t forget soap. You might get non scented. It could come in handy.
Eating utensils: Forks, spoons, knives, hand-can openers, and a hand egg slicer. You might think of a few more but you get the idea. If you are making a short term plan some of these may not be needed.
 Hygiene, Hair care and Skin products:Feminine products are a must.  Soap and shampoo are important for health and mental comfort. Good non-scented lotions are helpful.
Alternate methods of communications, land lines, cell phones, and internet could go down, these might include Walki-Talkies and or shortwave radio. I went for both to cover short range and long range communication.
 Vitamins and mineral supplements: Stress can deplete your body of such thinks and would be smart to have them on hand.
 Socks, Underwear and T-shirts: lots of extras if you are planning long term just a few for shorter term plans. These items are more important than you might think. Ever tried wearing boots etc. with no socks. I would not suggest it. Blisters become open wounds and you need to avoid injuries as much as possible.
 Reading glasses: Lets not forget them, for those of use that need them it is a important item to have. You might pick up a couple of extras even if its just the cheap ones from Walmart, Walgreens ect.
Hand pumps and Siphons: Make no mistake; they are important. Maybe not so much for the short term Prepper but for the long term planner its a must. They come in hand for water and fuel, lets just say acquisition.
Thermal Underwear: Tops and bottoms as well as several pair of each.
 Baby Stuff: If you have a baby you need Baby Supplies: Formula and Diapers. If you have a baby you know what you need but keep it to what you need.
Gasoline Containers: Plastic or metal is ok. Once again if planning for long term 20, 30 and even 50 gal. drums but keep in mind the larger the container the heavier it will be and harder to take with you if you have to leave. You will need some good fuel saver as well.
 Garbage Bags: Its hard to have too many garbage bags, they have a whole butt load of uses.
Duct Tape and Bailing Wire: We would be here for weeks if I listed all the things you can do with these 2 items.
 Mosquito coils and or repellent, sprays, creams whatever you like. It can take some of the misery out of being outside and for those that are more allergic than others it is a must have.
Plastic and Metal garbage cans. Great for storage and the metal ones make very good EMP protection for small electronic devises. I like the square plastic ones with wheels for storing things in.  They take up less room in the garage and shop, at the same time the wheels make them easy to move.
Cast Iron pots and pans. I’ve had some for years. I checked up on prices the other day and was surprised that they are still very affordable. Efficient, affordable and sturdy. What else can you ask for.
Clothes pins and line, if you want clean cloths this should help. I have two post just for this in the back yard. I don’t have the line on them but at least I don’t have to do anything but attach the line. Even if you have a generator it would not be a wise use of fuel.
 Rain gear you will no doubt need them unless you like being wet, miserable and perhaps hypodermic. Rubber boots or water proof boot. You get the idea keep dry.
 Rat / mouse poison / bait, Roach Killer and Ant killer. Stock up if you are planning long term. You won’t be picking up a phone for pest control. You don’t want these pests joining your troop, they are pests and can contaminate your stores and spread diseases.
 Aluminum Foil regular and heavy duty. Cooking comes to mind first, but you will find a lot of other uses too.
Toilet Paper, Kleenex and paper towels. I know I already listed toilet paper but you really don’t want to go with out it. The other two I have but they just don’t seem that important.
 Burn Barrel you won’t produce as much trash as usual, but you will produce it and you need to get rid of it. Since the trash won’t be picked up you will have to dispose of it. Digging a hole for it would be the safest way but when things calm down burning it is easier.
 Tarps, stakes, para-cord, twine, rope, nails and spikes all useful items in a emergency.
Laundry Detergent:  Many say the liquid soap dissolves better. Keeping your clothes clean is important.
Canning supplies jars lids etc. All the items you need for canning. This is for long term planning and you should learn how to do this before SHTF. You can waste food you dearly need in hard time. So learn this technique before you really need it.
 Grain Grinder: Your wheat and corn stores will need this to grind into flour and corn meal. Make sure it is not electric and will grind to the consistency for your needs. Some will not grind to the constancy you are used to and some of the cheap one’s are just that cheap and not worth purchasing.
Nails, nuts, bolts, screws and glue all these are great to have. Never know when you will need to repair things. I would not pack them out but at your home or bug out location would be prudent.
Paraffin wax or Soy wax. Can be used for canning and candle making. Soy wax is cheaper.
Wagons and Carts great for hauling stuff around.
Lumber whatever you can beg borrow or well lets not steel but get what you can. Scrap is cheaper but we can not always get good scrap.
Plywood: I know I just said wood but this is important. Plywood is great for windows and doors not only will it protect them from wind but from intruders. If someone wants in bad enough it won’t stop them but it with slow them down. How would you like to go into a house when someone is ready for you. They might be smart enough to find a easier target. I have no doubt you can find other uses and benefits for plywood. Try to get it when a hurricane is coming. If you can find it you will probably get price gouged.
Baby wipes, oils, Water-less and Antibacterial soap, oils ( my wife has dry skin) the rest will save on your water consumption.
Fishing gear can be a great way to supply extra food but keep it simple.
Chainsaw: I prefer the mobility of a gas saw.  You can range further to gather wood, and carry back more manageable pieces.  Electric saws are doable, if you are willing to work on a leash.
Bicycles, tires, tubes, chains and pumps. Alternative transportation that is quiet and requires no fuel is a plus.
Garden tools and gardening supplies. I hate gardening but I have it all in the shed and I know how to use them. I hate it so much I’m not going into it any more here. But don’t think I don’t know about it just because I don’t like it. I could right a book on the topic but that will never happen. I might in the future write a few articles on Prepper Gardens.
Garden Seeds (non GMO non Hybrid). You can find a bucket load of info. You need seeds that will produce viable seed for the next years crop. Heirloom seeds are the answer. Hybrids and GMOs do not reproduce.
Scissors, fabrics and other sewing supplies. You will have to be able to mend without power.
 Rabbits, Goats and Chickens. If you have room get them all. Not only for food but barter items as well. Eggs, Cheese, Milk and Meat, Lets not forget fertilizer for the garden, you get it all with these guy’s. Pigeon are good as well. Ever had Squab? Yummy!
 Solar Oven and Solar Dehydrator: Power could be in short supplies these can help you save a great deal of power with these two items. No gas, no charcoal and no wood. They will save your resources.
 Solar Shower or Solar water heater more resource savers. You don’t have to have hot water, but for cooking it sure is nice to have. After going with out it for a while you will feel like you in heaven when it is available.
Ample cash, gold, silver. Whatever you can put aside.
Off-the-Grid Power: This is a big one, it cost a lot even if you do it yourself. But it is a must for the serious long term Prepper. I will get into this more in future article.
 Extra Sunglasses, Prescription Glasses, Contact Lenses and Supplies.
Signaling Devices: You might not want to be found but if you do this is important.
Gas mask: Hey you never know it might come in handy.
 Security Systems are a great tool if you have power. A battery back is a must or when you need it most it will do you no good. Just a expensive peace of junk.
  Binoculars can be used to hunt, keep any eye on whats going on at a distance and can be used to start a fire. I even saw one guy take one apart to read with. I would not suggest taking one apart unless it was a emergency.
Food Stores:
 Pretzels, Graham Crackers and Crackers. Trail mix, Jerky: Nuts, Popcorn, and Peanut Butter. I think the Peanut Butter is the best on this list and I’m not just talking about taste. Some of this is just fell good food but mentally that is important.
Salt, Flour and Yeast: Salt is important and is one of the best barter items in a emergency. You might have the wheat and grinder as mentioned earlier but have some flour on hand you might not have the time to spend grinding flour in the early stages of extended event. Making flour from wheat is not a quick task. Yeast if you want bread!
 Teas, Coffee and Cigarettes: These items are not just for you they make great barter items. People will trade big for them especially the Coffee and Cigs. Even if you don’t smoke tobacco can be stored long term, a few years so think it over before investing if you are a non smoker. If you smoke it would be a good idea to have back-up, going through withdraws in the early days of a emergency can and has caused many people to do stupid things. Same goes with Coffee but maybe not to the degree of smoking. Tea I don’t know it could be as bad as Coffee, I guess.
Powdered Drink packs, a few different flavors. Water can get boring, some flavor can help your state of mind. Chocolate and or Cocoa can help the powdered and condensed milk go down a little easier. I keep those two for cooking only.
 Sugar (brown and white) Honey and Syrup: are nice to have. Some may say they are a bit of a luxury but I am big on having a few feel good items around. They are barter items as well.
Milk: Powdered and Condensed milk. I heard you should shake the Condensed every few months. I did not know that until recently.
Vinegar, soup base, Soy sauce, bullions and gravy packs. I started just having them for back up but found I like using them to make some tasty dishes, so I rotate them out. They take up very little room and if you take some wild game they can help your prepper food store last even longer.
Spices and other baking supplies. Base them on your cooking needs, again try to stay with foods you know you like. Things might get bad enough to have to resort to the freeze dried survival food but by them hopefully you will have adapted to your new situation some what and stress levels will have diminished some.
 Vegetable Oil: Some things are just best cooked in oil. You can find other uses for it but I just can’t think of them right now. I will get back to you on this. Some people prefer lard.
Booze: Wine and Liquors for the alcohol it is a must but I suggest if you are committed to prepping and survival you might want to gets some. For the rest of us it can take the edge off the stress if used wisely and it works well as a medicine. It is a great barter item and commands top returns.
 Bulk Rice, Beans, Corn and Wheat: These items store well are cheap in bulk and will extend your Prepper food supplies without killing your bank account. I use 5 gal. buckets and mylar bags to store them. 5 gal. buckets are cheap and light, if you need to bug out you won’t need help picking them up. They also stack well so take less space than some alternatives.
 Self-defense: Guns, Ammunition, Bow and Arrows, Pepper Spray, Knives, Clubs, Bats. & Slingshots. I have them all and can find reason for all of them. I know some of you don’t think you need or just don’t won’t weapons but think it over. Evil people do exist and when someone has nothing some will stop at nothing.
Bug Out Scenarios:
 Alternate evacuation routes and transportation. Back ups for your back ups its that important. This is a big one you need to plan this out well.
 Up to Date Local Map to include Topographical and a compass a good one and learn how to use one. If you think you know how its not good enough. You need to know you know how.
 Survival Kit In A Can: I was introduced to this a short while back. It is a minimal kit but has a lot of things that a well studied Prepper can put to use. The Sardine can it comes in will store for many years. This might be a good one for the Bug Out Bag.
 Cots & inflatable mattresses and tent: I like the Tent Cots that are on the market but they may not fit your plan. They are just what the name say’s, a cot inside a tent all in one. I have seen them in one person and two person configuration. Some of you big guys like me might prefer the 2 person its more comfortable when used as a one person.
Hats and Neckerchiefs, I like big hats and big neckerchiefs.  These have multiple uses. Big hats protect you from the sun. Sunburns are bad enough in good time. Never make things worse if you can help it.
Backpack: If your Prepper survival plan includes a bug out plan the Bug Out Bag is a must. You can find out more about this here at Politics and Preppers.
Survival Knives and Sharpening tools. A couple of good survival knives can come in very handy. Keep them sharp.
Prepper Bunkers. A bunker is a huge step.  A bunker is not do-able for most, but if you can swing it, it should be a consideration.
It may look overwhelming but it’s not.  This prepper supply list is great start.  Just take it a step at a time, get that step done and go to the next. If you bite off too big a bite you will throw your hands up and walk away. Know one can get it all done now. Push yourself but be realistic in your goals and plans. I’d picked some of the easier steps and mixed then with some of the harder ones. That way in the process you will see some accomplishments while working on ones that take some time.
Plan well and be a survivor!





    • I am so glad to the hear that. I am trying to find a good sharing app, to make finding my site easier yet. Have a great day.

  1. This is AMAZING! Seriously though, I just bookmarked this page. I’ve put a lot of thought into being prepared for an economic collapse of the United States and I have quite a bit of equipment, but this list is fantastic. I’m going to reference back to this every time I move to pick up some new gear or try something different. I think it’s really important to know how to be self-sufficient if needed and this is a great place to start. I think I’ll check out the rest of your site now….

    • I am so glad you are planning ahead. There are lots of ways to get ready for all the uncertainties in life. I will be adding links to my favorite supplies and information. Stay tuned!

  2. Hell of a list Enid …all I have got is about 100 pounds of rice in my pantry. My wife is Cambodian and her mum and sister live with us (lovely ladies). They have some real survival stories about the Pol Pot years. My mother in law had to sell her jewellery to buy rat meat. They are real survivors. I know that prepping is a big thing in the USA. I don;’t knock it. Read some very good blogs a couple of years back from Argentina …giving warnings about what happens when the S-H-T-F ….that was the title of the blog when the SHTF …it happened in Argentina when their economy collapsed (the F stands for fan – you can figure the rest)

    • There are some amazing survivors out there. Your will and your faith are the best tools you have. The next is your knowledge and skills. Then come stocked pantries and camo pants. I think we should do the best we can with the tools we have. I just want people to get some tools, in case Google and smartphones are down!

  3. Hi Enid- Quite a list of useful items that you have thoughtfully included for those who are looking to put a survival package together. I’m not sure if I missed this but rain barrels might also be a good idea as well as books on things such as leather repair, candle making etc. Well done and I look forward to more informative articles from you.


    • Thank you. I believe rain barrels are on there but I will double check. I love books on skills and homesteading lore. It is amazing what you can make out of very little. I do recommend that you read through these types of books, and try some of the skills out before you need them. Also go through books and make sure you have the ingredients or tools you would need to do a certain task. Great tips, Tom!

  4. Hi Enid
    I was looking for a list like this one, great. Living in the suburbs of Zürich | Switzerland, I have to go through and see what is necessary for me. One suggesstion: You could continue to structure the list as you did with color red. My wish would be a summary of the most important ones without description.

    • The list is a work in progress to be sure. I will continue to work on it from my end. I will also be refining for urban and rural living situations. It is very important to be prepared for as many of life’s uncertainties as we can. Have a great day!

  5. I knew this was called prepping. A time is coming when this site will become so important, because of the things that wwill happen on earth.
    Keep going and may God continue to richly bless your efforts.

    • I think that there are some bad things on the horizon for people all over the world. I hope that people wake up and start preparing and looking around. Being prepared is cheap insurance. If nothing ever happens, then you got better sleep, and it’s all good. If something does happen, you keep your family safe.

  6. This is a very impressive list of survival articles. This sit makes me think about, what could happen. True we can never be too prepared for disaster, large or small. very thoughtful of you to do this site, I am sure this, if something happen, will save some lives. Can you list a few uses for garbage bags that’s not so obvious and what about inflatable boats, if there is a great flood?

    • There are many uses for garbage bags. Always keep a few around. In an emergency they can be shelter. They make great raincoats at ball games and football games. If you have to change a tire, you can put it on the ground to keep you cleaner. I love multiuse stuff. A boat is a personal choice. If you live where flash flooding is a possibility, I would have one. I would rather have a boat tucked away that I could put kids and supplies in, rather than trying to pack everyone to dry ground. A great flood a little more planning may be required.

  7. This site is an eye opener to say the least. Very informative, very well needed information. Keep up the great work.

    • Thanks for the shout out…we definitely need to be more aware of our surroundings. Open our eyes and spot some dangers that are common in our areas.

  8. You certainly have a great list of supplies.My big question would be where do you store all of these items? This could take quite a large space.

    • You can fit a surprising amount of supplies in your home. It is a matter of prioritizing. If you are willing to give up some of the frivolous stuff in your home. Get rid of clothes that don’t fit, dishes you don’t use, broken toys, projects that you won’t finish and then begin to replace it with useful things. It is important to take stock of what you have. Most people have a lot of useful things…but they couldn’t find it in an emergency. I will get more articles about this. I hope you like this site on Facebook…or one of the others…so you can get updates.

  9. That’s a great list. It’s always great to be prepared if normal life as we know it takes a change for a little while. Planning on getting started acquiring some survival tools once the funds allow.

    • Thats a good idea. You might start by getting organized now. Most people have quite a few of these things in their home. They just are not readily accessible in a hurry. Also if you clean out the closets, and get rid of some extra stuff on ebay etc you have some quick cash to start. That is where I began when I got serious about this. I see that you are a gardener… that is a great place to start a prepared lifestyle. Good Luck!

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