Best Freeze Dried Emergency Food Manufacturers

AugasonFarms.com is the best freeze dried emergency food manufacturers that I buy for my family.  I know there are lots of places to get dried food, and you can get whatever suits your needs the best.  I have chosen Augason Farms for a couple of reasons.

The first is taste.  Crazy for food ,right?  My local grocery carried Augason Farms food during a stock up sale.  I bought some cans to try.  They tasted like real food, not cardboard or chemicals.  I am very sensitive to chem flavors.  I didn’t notice that in this food.

Second is cost.  I can actually afford to buy this stuff and put it away.  I save a little out of my grocery budget, and buy a few cans.  That way I save on shipping costs.  This site actually runs a free shipping over $___  every so often as well.  This makes this food even more reasonable.

Third is space.  I don’t have a ton of storage space.  When you buy dehydrated or freeze dried food, they can poke a lot of food into a 1 gallon can.  It is also lighter than food packed in water, which means in an emergency evacuation, I could have a lot more food for my family.  This is important.

The last thing is durability.  This dried food will last for up to 25 years.  That is really cheap insurance.  If I spend $1000 now, I can eat it if we have a blizzard or a black out.  If I never use it, I will have invested $40. per year.  WOW!  For $40 a year, I have peace of mind. I know my kids won’t be hungry in any emergency situation.  And if I bought it when they where toddlers, it would still be good when I got grandkids in 25 YEARS!

So what are you waiting for.  If you have the money, buy everything you need for a month for your family.  If you can’t afford a month, buy enough for a day or a week, but do it now.  You can’t really afford NOT to.



  1. I haven’t really given much thought to stocking up on foods for an emergency. It does make sense though, as in these days we are living you, you just never know what’s going to happen. Just look at Katrina… situations such as that could happen anywhere and at anytime. I did go look at the site you recommend and the prices seem to affordable. Thanks for the info. I will keep it in mind.

    • It is important to have some food set aside, and water too. Even if someone hit a power pole and the power was out for 3 days, while they replaced the box. Would you be ok? There are so many little emergencies that can be prepared for.

  2. Thought provoking “what are you waiting for?” Also like the shelf life and that you found a product that doesn’t taste like chemicals. I, too, am very sensitive to chemicals. Thanks for the great info!

    • I am glad you found useful info. I am glad to share my favorites…sometimes it is hard to find products that I really enjoy. These I really like.

  3. I am very happy that you are providing this information. I do agree, It is our responsibility alone to prepare ourselves and our family for emergencies. There’s no escaping the fact that everyone is at risk. Earthquakes and hurricanes do not discriminate. There are also the everyday disasters that you hear about on the news, such fires and floods that wipe out the home of an entire family and cause serious injuries or death to those who were not prepared. Disasters can strike any region. The Department of Homeland Security continues to issue alerts and warn citizens about emergency preparedness. You cannot rely on others to bail you out of an emergency, and you’ve been warned by the very agencies that might come to your aid that they may not be able to help you. You are responsible for purchasing preparedness kits and supplies for your family to overcome and survive any possible disasters.

    • Thank you for your comments. It is true that even the agencies designed to help can be overwhelmed. We need to take care of our own and have the skills that will help our family and neighbors in times of disasters, great or small.

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