Carhartt Insulated Pants and More…

Most people have heard of Carhartt insulated pants. But did you know that they have full clothing lines for men, women and children?
Carhartt is synonymous with work clothes in Montana. I will tell you why I love them. We are blessed to be in a ‘hand-me down’ group. If you don’t know what that means, its when when a group of families have kids that are staggered ages so the oldest kids finish with them, then hand ’em down to the next family. We are the second family, so by the time my kids get the clothes, they have been through 1 or 2 kids already. When we get Carhartt’s, they cover my two, then go to the 2 cousins, then on to a friend with two. Most of the carhartt’s get past the cousins and still have no holes in the knees. They are worn, faded, stained and frazzled at the cuffs, but those double-covered knees still haven’t shown skin. That is impressive.

carhartt -kids-bibsFor a child’s pair of jeans to survive the wear and tear of 8 little kids is amazing. We have work jackets that are made of the same material and it holds up just as well. The cuffs may fray, but wear holes are very rare. The original tan colored material is the heaviest. I have bought jackets in other colors that did wear out a bit faster, but they still wore like iron. I used them everyday, living in a semi truck and tarping flatbed loads and baling. I found the actual Carhartt site so you can see all the things that are available. Some stores carry some stuff, but this store has everything.

If you are looking for durable clothing for your family to camp out in for an extended period, this is the stuff. It is sturdy. Their tan, and most of their other colors too, are great neutral colors that blends into most any landscape. They hold up well under camping conditions and hiking through brambles don’t bother them with the doubled front legs.

carhartt-work-pantsThe Original Carhartt Loose Fit Dungarees

These are my favorite work pants. They are a classic. The original tan cotton duck material is a staple to cowboys, farmers, miners and loggers. In Montana, carhartt is a color…and it means tough. If you work  hard for a living, you probably own more Carhartt’s than anything else. The sturdy material, heavy rivets, reinforced double legs, extra tool pockets and loose fit seat and thighs all spell comfort, functionality and durability.



Carhartt Jackets

Carhartts come in every shape for every use. They have light jackets for extreme coverage while working in the summer. They also have winter coats that are quilted, flannel lined, with hoods and drawstrings. If you have a need, they have a coat that will work for you. Most coats have inner pockets for extra storage, and rivets in stress points.

right-side_carhartt-washed-denim-logger-dungaree-double-kneeCarhartt Jeans

Carhartt work jeans are as tough as their original dungarees. With the same roominess, they allow for maximum comfort and range of motion. These qualities are essential in an emergency situation. I have a pair of quilt-lined Carhartt jeans that I have been wearing for the last seven winters.



carhart-work-teeshirtCarhartt Shirts

Now, I hear you saying that a t-shirt is a t-shirt, but these aren’t. Their work shirts are heavy duty and worth every penny. They are a very durable material and are built to withstand a lot of abuse. Most have breast pockets and heavy seams.  They even wick moisture away from your body to keep you more comfortable.   If your work requires reflective safety gear, the have a line that is superb. They resist fading through many washings. If you want to be seen…these will get it done.  These shirts are all tough and ready to work for you!



carhartt-fashion-shirtCarhartt Fashion Lines

Carhartt has an entire line of fashionable jeans and shirts…complete with sparkles and swirls. These clothes seem to be the same trademark quality… but in lighter more fashionable designs. They are very attractive, but not designed with heavy work in mind. If you love the Carhartt brand…and want to show it…now you can wear it for work and play!



  1. Hi Enid, you have a really nice and informative site. There is lots of good information on this post.

    • Thanks for the note. I think information is important. Being an informed customer is the best plan…whether it’s pants or cars…be informed.

  2. I agree with you. Everything Carhartt is the best for tough jobs, tough kids and rough and tough outdoorsman. Great article and information. Thanks 🙂

    • so true. I found out they even make scrubs for nurses…I am so passing that tip on. They are some of the hardest working folks I know!

  3. I tend to keep my clothes for years. I’m also not very fond of having more than 3 pairs of jeans in my closet at a time. I buy one pair and wear it until I literally cannot wear it anymore. So I expect my jeans to last for as long as possible.

    I’ll be looking into this brand. If their clothes are sturdy enough to go through multiple kids, they’re worth the investment.

    • I am with you. I expect clothes to last forever. I work hard for my money and I expect clothes to last.

  4. Hi Enid, I never thought of my family’s clothes as a “group” but it makes perfect sense. I love the way the clothing line you represent has such a good name. I know for one my friends won’t buy any other brand and now I know why, Thanks for the information, Janith

    • I was having trouble because we never really label ourselves as a group formally. It is hard to explain things that are common to you and foreign to others. I am surprised at how many people don’t do this. I was raised doing it. I am glad you have discovered the value in Carhartts. I really do love these clothes for work and play. I am by nature a spendthrift, but I will pay the extra to get good quality work clothes, when I have to.

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