Don’t Live in Fear

If you are just hearing about prepping, you may be hearing a lot of fear.  And I want to assure you that that is not necessary.  I was born into a family that lived prepared.  Sometimes, being prepared can bring reassurance.

Being prepared means that you can be confident in the actions that you have taken to keep your family safe and healthy in adverse situations.  You are the captain of your ship.  You are in control of your fate to a large part.  Every step you take to help your family gives you confidence that things will be better and safer for you all.



  1. I dread the day if something catastrophic happened and I think prepping makes a lot of sense. Thank you for bringing this subject to my attention.
    Kind regards,

    • I dread disasters as well. I would prefer there was never a need to prep. But unfortunately bad things happen every day. I will make sure that my family is as safe and comfortable as possible, in any event.

  2. My husband was joking the other day about the presidential election, and that no matter what happened, we needed to stock up on our emergency preparedness and food storage again! LOL But yes, it’s all about having that peace of mind, but I don’t think it needs to be done because of anxiety.

    • I agree! I was raised with a prepared mindset, and it gives me a great deal of peace. I believe the Bible teaches us to listen to God, and I believe the Bible calls us to wisdom. I believe it’s wise to prepare to the best of our ability, so we can help ourselves and others.

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