Emergency Food Storage List

Do you have an emergency food storage list?

The first step to having an emergency food storage list is  to be honest about what your family will and won’t eat.  It doesn’t matter what all the bloggers say…if your family won’t eat cornmeal…don’t buy stock in it.  Spend your money on foods they really will eat.  It is important to evaluate what your family eats, and start introducing some foods that are different, so they are open to changes in diet.  Introduce dried foods, unique veggies, and different meats.  Most people get in a dietary rut.
AugasonFarms.com is the dried food that I buy for my family.  I know there are lots of places to get dried food, and you can get whatever suits your needs the best.  I have chosen Augason Farms for a couple of reasons.The first is taste.  Crazy for food ,right?  My local grocery carried Augason Farms food during a stock up sale.  I bought some cans to try.  They tasted like real food, not cardboard or chemicals.  I am very sensitive to chem flavors.  I didn’t notice that in this food.
Second is cost.  I can actually afford to buy this stuff and put it away.  I save a little out of my grocery budget, and buy a few cans.  That way I save on shipping costs.  This site actually runs a free shipping over $___  every so often as well.  This makes this food even more reasonable.
feeding baby new foodThird is space.  I don’t have a ton of storage space.  When you buy dehydrated food, they can poke a lot of food into a 1 gallon can.  It is also lighter than food packed in water, which means in an emergency evacuation, I could have a lot more food for my family.  This is important.
The last thing is durability.  This dried food will last for up to 25 years.  That is really cheap insurance.  If I spend $1000 now, I can eat it if we have a blizzard or a black out.  If I never use it, I will have invested $40. per year.  WOW!  For $40 a year, I have peace of mind. I know my kids won’t be hungry in any emergency situation.  And if I bought it when they were toddlers, it would still be good when I got grandkids in 25 YEARS!
So what are you waiting for?  If you have the money, buy everything you need for a month for your family.  If you can’t afford a month, buy enough for a day or a week, but do it now.  You can’t really afford NOT to.


  1. Good looking post!!…you make a compelling case for AugusanFarms…personal post…gotta like that

  2. Great article Enid.A person is ahead to be prepared. About a year and a half ago, we had a storm hit, and I was without power for 3 days. My sister lives out in the country and she was without power for a week. I was thankful that she was prepared and had a good supply stored.

    • I am glad that it worked out well for you. It is amazing how many little situations can either be a inconvenient or disastrous. A little preparation goes a long way. Have a great day.

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