Find the Best All Natural Deodorants

Buying products that have less chemicals is important for many reasons.  The most significant is your health.  Your skin is the largest organ in your body.  We absorb chemicals through our skin which then has to filter through our kidneys and other internal organs.  THAT is why it is so important to find the best all natural deodorants




  1. I agree. There are so many products today on the shelf that are so bad for our skin. Do you have any recommendations on what deodorants are better for our skin and which ones are bad? I would love to hear more about your opinions based on your expertise. Thank you in advance!

    • Aluminum is used to plug up the pores in your armpits.. which is why you don’t sweat. But your body needs to get rid toxins. These natural deodorants eliminate the bacteria that causes the odor without plugging up the pores. Allowing your body to purge itself. I chose most soaps and deodorants the same way I chose food. I look at the ingredient list…fewest chemicals, additives, colors and fragrances is my pick. I want to smell clean, not flowery.

  2. I am all for natural products and good to come across this product on your site. As someone who loves using deodorant, I am going to check this out. Thanks for sharing.


    • I also like deodorant rocks…sound weird but they work very well. They are excellent for people who are allergic to soaps and chemicals.

  3. Natural products, though more expensive than non natural are the best for our skin. A friend once said to me ‘if you can’t eat it, don’t use it on your skin’. I will check out your suggested product.

    • That is a great motto to live by…I don’t like sage THAT much, but it is a motto to live by. We all need to be more careful about what we put in and on our bodies. People forget that the skin is the largest organ of the body. It eliminates toxins, but it also absorbs. Any product you apply to your skin is absorbed and must be filtered through the kidneys and liver. Lotions that are all fragrances, colors and chemicals are so bad for your body.

  4. Hi Enid,
    I also like natural things, soaps, herbs, just learning about Paleo diets. Your site here has a lot of good information. Thanks for sharing. Hadn’t thought about deodorant and now will take that into consideration. 🙂

    • I will try to keep posting things of interest. If you are looking into a paleo diet,look into the ‘eat right 4 your blood type’ book. It is an excellent place to begin when you are looking to change your eating habits. It is how I got started down this path. A nutritionist told me about it. So worth the time. I would love to know what you think.

  5. The more clean products you use the better you will feel. That’s good for your health, your life and your prepping for the future!

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