Here’s your Winter Preparedness Checklist

Are You Ready for More Snow?

As we deal with one snow event after another this year, you need to assess your situation at home. Winter preparedness is key to your family’s safety. Is your home safe…or becoming a danger?  Here are some keys to keeping your home safe  in all these storms.
  • Look up!  Is you roof cleared off?  You need to get snow off, if is stacked up.  The snow load can weigh so much your roof could actually cave in. 
  • Check your gutters.  This time of year snow can melt then refreeze in the gutters causing water to backup under shingles and push water into your home.  It also creates a lot of weight on the very outside of your eaves.  This can be a great hazard to people below if a slab of ice and snow comes loose.
  • Clear window wells.  Melting snow can leak inside your home.  It is also a hazard because the frozen snow could impede exit from your home in the event of an emergency.
  • Clear your sidewalks.  I am sure you are tired of shoveling, but try to throw the snow further away from the path.  As the snow melts, it runs onto the sidewalk then refreezes into a sheet of ice that is very dangerous to you and anyone who crosses it.
  • Lay in supplies.  Everyone is strapped for cash this time of year, but make sure that you have water, food and a heat source in your home. I put a link below for my favorite dries food supplier.  It’s where I buy our dried foods.
  • Evaluate your situation.  If you have already experienced problems this winter ,with outages or being stuck, really think about what could have helped…and do it now.  
  • PREPARE.  It could happen again tomorrow.  Be Ready!!  Replace supplies you used up and find the tools and supplies you need for the next round…because I don’t think winter is over just yet!! 

A winter preparedness checklist is vital.  Are you ready for more snow?!

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    • Yeah, I dont think winter has had it’s final say just yet. But I am all ready to say good bye to that fluffy white mess.

  1. I think people forget how much damage snow can do and how to prepare for it. The winter of 2014 was very hard on the city of Toronto; extreme cold alerts, snow storms, and the worst of all the ice storm. Residents were out of power for days, some for weeks. Great website, it reminds us that the winter is not only cold, but can be very damaging. Awesome tips!

    • We have had a ton of ice this year. It sure pays to be careful and plan ahead. Have a safe rest of the winter.

  2. Enid,

    Living in upstate NY I have lived through many a winter and you know what, people still need to be reminded of the things you pointed out.

    Great job offering some good but easily overlooked areas to get ready for the long near 6 months of cold.

    Thanks, my best,


    • Dear Gary,
      Montana has a lot of winter but its amazing who get surprised every year. We all need reminded sometimes. Have a great day.

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