Do You Have a Good Sleeping Bag?

A good sleeping bag can be essential in an emergency.  Some people think that you only need one if you like to camp, but that is just not the case.  They are handy in many situations.  You should have a good bag for each member of your family.  I will go through some hints and tips, as well as my favorite types to consider.

A well made sleeping bag is important.  Quality is essential.  That doesn’t mean you have to buy the most expensive, just don’t waste your money on a character bag, it’s just a blanket with a zipper and a picture.  You can tell by just feeling them.  Some just feel cheezy.

Look for bags that are well made.  If you can only afford to buy one bag per person choose a bag that is rated for the coldest conditions likely in your area. I wouldn’t get a bag that wasn’t rated to at least 20 degrees.  Even in the south where it’s warmer, it can get below freezing in the winter.  If I lived in a colder climate I would get the coldest rated bag I could afford.   I keep a flat sheet in my sleeping bags.  This gives me a liner that is easier to wash since bathing doesn’t happen daily while camping. If I get too hot I can sleep on top of the bag.  You can work around too much sleeping bag…but not enough sleeping bag can get you frozen to death.

There are different types of bags,  with different functionality, for different jobs.

Traditional Rectangular Sleeping Bag

The traditional sleeping bag is a rectangle with a zipper on two sides.  If you get two that are the same size and zipper type, most will zip together to create a queen size bag that will easily accommodate two grown people or a couple of little kids.  These tend to be the most common found .





The Mummy Bag

A mummy bag traditional is rated for colder temperatures , has a wedge shape that hugs the body, and a flap part that snuggles the head to keep in warmth.



Specialty Bags

There are some bags that have special features that may make them more appealing to certain people.  This bag has a built-in liner and a curvy zipper which gives you more flexibility in your amount of air circulation.  Some people love the innovation  while others think it’s hokey and say you can do the same thing with a bed sheet and unzipping the bag a foot.



This is a pretty impressive bag for couples…it is rated to 0 degrees, flannel lined, has a mummy bag style hood for both folks.  It also has a baffle at the shoulders to keep cold air out.  This bag is soooo on my Christmas list.  I don’t have one, but I will before next hunting season!!


For the big and tall, here is just the thing.  This bag is designed to accommodate plus sized folks.   It is longer and wider…for those who are fluffier than average.


  1. Very informative review of sleeping bags…who knew? Count me in as a regular visitor to your site!


    • I love regular visitors! I hope you find lots more to love! Sleeping bags are an essential in every emergency situation.

  2. Nothing is worse than having an uncomfortable sleeping bag OR one that doesn’t quite keep you warm. I’m glad your site has all the information I need to make sure I’m “prepped” for emergency situations and camping…etc.

    • You are right. There is nothing worse than trying to sleep cold…or having a cheap bag that the batting is all lumpy. In an emergency, you want as much comfort as you can manage, and this is an easy way to ensure that you and your family are getting good rest. That’s so important in staying healthy!

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