Do You have Disaster Survival Skills?

You are a person of many skills.  Everyone is.  We all learn skills that help us navigate through our world.  But do you have disaster survival skills to survive, if the world changed?

You can learn new skills and habits that could save your life, or your family, in an emergency…or you could use skills that will get you dead.    An example of this is a business woman who wears high heeled shoes and a fitted skirt to work.  This skill helps her appear polished for her job.  That is a good skill.  But if the building she was in lost power and had to be evacuated because of a bomb, this skill could cost her dearly.  However, if she learned to keep a gym bag with comfortable clothes and tennis shoes under her desk, that could save her life.  It is important to learn to do things that will keep you safe in dire situations.  We will be discussing many skills that are important to know.  We will also be discussing tools that you should have and know how to use.  No gadget is anything but weight if you can’t use it.

red cross-emergency-responseWe will be discussing

  • Emergency Response and First Aid
  • Home Securement
  • Water Safety
  • Food Securement
  • Staying Warm
  • Staying Dry
  • Getting Power
  • and much much more!

I hope that you can join us.  There are so many things to do.  You would be surprised at how close you are to being prepared. You can gain survival preparedness skills that will better your everyday life as well.  Most people have many elements of preparation in their homes, they just are not readily accessible in an emergency.  I am here to help you change that in your life.

Don’t be a victim…or a statistic.


  1. Hi there,

    Very interesting topic! You can never be too cautious about being prept for taking care of your loved ones! Keep up the good work! Site is coming along nicely!


  2. What a great and informative site. People need to have this information and you’ve done a nice job getting it out here.

  3. Enid, Your are hitting on some very good points in case of Emergencies. Especially when you have a whole Family to look out for. Nice Job!

    • I hope you find lots of good info…I think everyone should be more aware. I hope to share as much info as I can about as many subjects as possible. Hope you share to all your friends…

  4. I could really use some of these skills for good. Living with my parents, naturally I want them to be safe and prepare myself with enough knowledge regarding emergency skills and Home Securement as well. Thank you for sharing such a valuable information with us. Looking forward to your next post =)

    • It is very important to take care of your family. We should not be scared but we need to be vigilant. There are too many variables in life to be unprepared is unwise.

  5. Enid, I like your site. You have some very important topics to blog on. People need to be aware of what they have already in their homes and surroundings and also skills they can use to be better prepared in an emergency. It is so important to have a plan and discuss it with everyone in the family. Excellent niche! 🙂 Janette

    • Thanks for the kind words. Most people have the stuff in their house. They just have to organize it so it’s easily accessible. And have a plan.

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