Hiding Preps in Plain Sight

Now, as I’ve said, I am more focused on prepping for natural disasters.  I think a cat 5 snowstorm could happen any given winter.  But I don’t want all kinds of antiques and preps all over my space…I just want them around when I need them.  I will post some of the ways I camouflage some of my ‘just in case’ stuff.


Can you see the 3 hooks on the top of the back towel?

In my laundry room, I have some decorative towels hanging.  Most people do.  But behind mine, I have some drying racks and a bag full of clothes pins.  I keep enough laundry soap to wash clothes for 6 mo.  I choose a powdered soap that easily dissolves in water and is fragrance free.  It is healthier, better for the environment, and if the SHTF, me and mine wouldn’t leave a flowery scent for someone to follow.  Powdered soap is also easier to carry in an emergency than big sloshy jugs.  I keep a couple of gallons of bleach around.  In a no power emergency, it is important for safe water and sterilizing surfaces, when water is scarce.  I keep a big jar candle in each room. I have light in every room without scrambling around in the dark looking for candles.  I also try to keep my laundry caught up.  If a disaster strikes, you want your clothes available and you don’t want piles of dirty laundry to deal with on top of no power and no water.  If you have to evacuate, your favorite clothes will probably be on the laundry room floor.  I have extra first aid stuff stored in the  spare bathroom, as well as extra toilet paper.  It is important to be prepared for emergencies.  It is also important to be able to live your life day to day without tripping over supplies.


Living Room

In my living room, we keep spare blankets and pillows.  They are great for snuggling in when it’s chilly out, or for the kids that stay  over.   It is always wise to have extra pillows and blankets in the house, in the living rooms and each bedroom.  If the power goes out, you will be happy to have them.  We also keep a small propane heater that requires no electricity in the corner of the living room.  It doesn’t get used often, but in case of emergency, it is readily available.  We aren’t having to dig it out of a cold dark garage.  There are spare cylinders in the garage though.  I keep some of our family’s favorite movies, on DVD, in case the internet or cable goes down.  I also have lots of board games and books of all kinds, from kid stories and biographies, from renovation  to survival manuals. In case the power goes out.   If you do it right, a power outage is just a stay-cation!  I also have a tent that would set up in the middle of the floor, with the furniture pushed back.  If the power goes out, get things that will freeze out of bedrooms (don’t forget plants!)and shut the doors and put a rolled towel at the bottom.  In an extended blackout, you can’t keep a whole house warm.  Concentrate on a main living space and the rooms that have pipes.  If your family sleeps in the tent your body heat will keep the tent comfy, even if you have to turn heaters down or off to conserve fuel.  I keep a bunch of those dollar store solar path lights.  They are new and tucked away, in the back of the closet, but they only take a couple hours of sun to charge, for evening. Three of those spread around make your living space well lit.  If your living room has high ceilings, consider a different room for your emergency shelter.  All your heat will want to rise with high ceilings.  Make a plan before it happens.  That way you can arrange furniture accordingly.



  1. I live in the desert so I plan for emergency situations of a different kind but I do find it fascinating reading about this. Thank you so much for sharing.

    • There are definitely different things to be prepared for in a desert. I’m glad you are checking in, I hope you come back often!

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