Landscaping Design Ideas for Preppers

front yard

 Can your landscaping do more than require maintenance and look pretty?

As a matter of fact your yard could save your life…if you plan it now.  There are several ways that landscaping modifications can benefit you in a disaster situation.

Landscaping as Food

If you integrate edible plants into your landscaping, you will have both beauty and function.  Plant some everbearing strawberries in your flower beds.  You will have sweet treats all summer.  Plant raspberries along a back fence.  Give them water and watch them go.  I know a lot of people who have a couple of tomato and pepper plants mixed into edible front yardthere petunias. A 4’x4′ space is big enough for a family of 4 to have salad a couple of times a week all summer.  That is not a big patch of dirt. Having a small herb garden by the patio is ideal for having fresh herbs all summer.  I have mine in pots so I can bring them in in the winter.  I love having fresh dill, sage and parsley all year.

You are already weeding and watering, why not get some groceries out of the deal.  If we never have a horrible disaster, you have some extra veggies that taste SOOO much better than store bought.  But if we did have a problem, you would have some green food in your life, when the store was empty.

rain barrel


Landscaping for Water

Have you considered getting rain barrels for the bottoms of your gutters?  It’s an easy way to have water stored just in case.  There are so many styles to chose from these days.  You can buy them or build one yourself.  Another idea is a small pond or large fountains.  That would give you more gallons of usable water in an emergency.  Also consider planting to take advantage of the run off your driveway or other flat surfaces.



rose-window-defenseLandscaping as Defense

Picture your petunias defending your front door…yeah right.  But your  roses?  Now that’s possible. Position poky bushes like roses, yucca or raspberries by windows.  It will definitely give intruders second thoughts.  Those raspberries by the back fence…they are also border patrol.  I know people who have bigger yards, that have a birdbath at 10 yds, a tree at 25 yds, a decorative rock pile at 40 yds.  That way if they had to shoot, they have a range built right in.  Do you have landscaping that obscures views from the road?  People are less likely to mess with your stuff if they can’t see it.  An imposing hedge or fence makes a great perimeter, but it’s something you need to look into now.

Every yard is different, and every person’s goals are different.  I can’t tell you the best plan for you.  I just want you to start the discussion in your home.  I want you to consider whether your yard can contribute to your well being and not be just another thing to show the neighbors.



  1. My dad is a landscaper in South Africa and I think I have it in my blood too! Love everything about gardens and I introduced the idea of foodscaping to him – not sure if he’ll veer off the path of conventional gardening, but I must say, I love everything about this site! Was looking into prepping as I take a look around me and see the state the world is in! Bookmarked your site – great stuff!!

    • I am glad you are finding useful info. I think everyone needs to be more aware. There are so many uncertainties in our world both political and natural. We all need to do our best to be self sufficient. Have a great day! Enid

  2. Great Post. I just wanted to share that I agree with using a rain barrel. We added one last year and used it all summer long. It saved lots of money on our water bill as well.

    • I am glad to hear that its working so well. There are so many simple things we can do to make our own little spaces better. Hope to see you back often. Enid

  3. Very good website. I will be watching in closely to this site as myself and my wife will be landscaping our garden this coming summer at our new house. We mostly plan on nice flowerbeds and aesthetic stuff but we are also thinking of having a small allotment, so this post is very relavent. Thank you

    • This is a great time to sit down and lay out yard stuff. I do all my planning in the winter. I did the square foot gardens last year and was very impressed. lots of food in a little space. I highly recommend. I hope to hear from you guys often! Enid

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