Why Water is Important to Life

water-love- consumerWater is important to life.  There is no way around it.  We as a Americans are so dependent on water, that we don’t realize how much we consume in a day.  It is important to know how to run your house without water if the need arises.  It is also important to have water stored in your home.  It really is a matter of life and death.  Have you thought about your life without tapwater?  It is important to consider.  Do you have water stored?  Do you have water near by?  Can you flush the toilet if the power goes out for a little while?  Only you know the answers to these questions.

 I believe that everyone should have water stored in their homes.  You never know when the water treatment plant will fail, and they have to shut it down to fix it.  Or runoff fills the reservoir with murky water that will take days to settle before its ok to drink.  Can your family be ok for 3 days if there was an emergency?  There a a couple of things you can do this week, that will vastly improve your safety and stability.

  • Buy 1 case of water every time you go to the store, even if its just ran in for milk or something.
  • Save empty jugs.  Wash them out.  Let them sit in your dish drain over night.  Then fill them with water and put them away.  I save any plastic bottle 2 liter and up.  NOT MILK OR DAIRY JUGS.  Juice, pop, water are all good.
  • Learn how to empty your water heater and do it annually for practice.
  • Know where the water shutoffs for your home are located.  And make sure they work.

If you do these simple things you will be farther ahead than most of your neighbors, if disaster ever strikes.

Please check back often.  We will have posts of how to acquire water in an emergency.  Best practices for storing water long term.  We will also discuss filtering.  Stay tuned.


  1. Hello Enid
    I agree that water is important, more important than food ! Thanks for sharing the thing that we need to do in case of imergency.

    • Water is life. Most people in the US take it for granted. We don’t know how much we use, or how to get along without it. It is important to know. Have a blessed morning.

  2. It’s good to know that we need to be always prepared! We really do never know what’s coming onto us! It’s better be prepared than sorry after! You have a really strong point here! I bet many of us never though of this and never get prepared! It’s time for us to work out and start preparing!

    • It is true. A little preparation before hand can save a lot of grief later. It’s not hard or expensive, it’s just developing some new habits. And spending a little time to learn skills that you can use in an emergency.

  3. I used to have a good supply of water in storage, but then we moved and had to adjust our grocery situation, so we ended up going through a lot of the water. Each time I’m in Costco though, I see the super cheap cases of bottled water and keep thinking I need to pick them up. Do you have any tips on storage?

    • I buy bottled water for my family to drink, but I also save any jugs that are half gallon or bigger. Juice jugs can be washed and work well to keep water for toilet flushing, pets, and to be boiled for washing. The bottled water should be rotated through. The other water should be kept out of direct light, and have a couple drops of bleach in each jug. If it doesn’t get algae it is fine for non potable purposes.

  4. Water is the biggest essential when needing to be prepared for a disaster. We always make sure we have jugs of it just in case!

    • Essential is a great word. We all need to be drinking water daily, and having clean safe water in a disaster can save your life. But it is also important to remember water to wash hands and dishes, water pets and flush toilets (depending on the emergency). We consume a lot of water in a day.

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