A Full Gas Tank Can Save Your Life

Can a Full Gas Tank Save Your Life? Can an empty tank endanger you? Absolutely!

Here is a car safety tip today that could save your life…or kill you.

Imagine you are at work, minding your own business, and a plane hits a building downtown.  If you have a full tank you grab your keys and make a beeline for home and family. If your tank is on E, you go to the station get stuck in line, then get stuck in traffic for hours or days trying to get home.  Which is a better plan?

Imagine the news says a big storm is coming, leave now.  If your tank is full, you grab your kids and a bag and you have 300 miles before you need to stop.  If you are on E, you head out, get stuck in slow traffic, and run out of gas, before you make it out of the county.  Now you are stuck in the middle of nowhere on the side of the road, with no heater.

Imagine if you are at work and get a call that your spouse was in a car wreck.  If your car is full, you go now.  If you car isn’t, you have to concentrate on getting gas instead of getting to the hospital. Really?

Obviously these are extreme cases, but they are not out of the scope.  They illustrate the importance of doing important little things.  In an emergency, time is most important commodity.  Do what you need to, when you need to,  because it could save your life or your family.

There are several auto tips that will ensure that you are ready no matter what.

  • Keep your gas tank above half at all times…over 3/4 is better.
  • Check all fluids and belts every season.
  • Keep good tires on your car.
  • Keep your car cleaned out-You might need the space.
  • Repair problems as they arise- Don’t put them off!
  • Have a spare tire, jumper cables and basic tools…and know how to use them.

These few regular maintenance items will ensure that your car is ready to help you get to safety ..not endanger you further.  Please start doing this now. A car safety tip today means a safe car tomorrow!

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