Protect Your Home from Intruders with Darkness

single house lit at night

How will darkness protect you?  Consider for a moment a situation where the power has gone out.  If the power grid is down, and your house is the only one on the block lighting up the dark, you will be a beacon.  The light will attract people, many extra mouths looking for help.  Possibly looters and those who would take the things you have prepared for your family.  It is important that you protect your home from intruders with darkness.

I am not saying you shouldn’t help others.  You should plan to help others, but you should not put a target on your home.  Investment in blackout shades now, if you can afford them, or enough heavy blankets to nail up if need be.  It’s also an extra layer of insulation in cold conditions.  If these two options are too expensive right now, keep a box of heavy mil garbage bags for 55 gal drums  in your home.  These bags can be nailed or stapled up to block the majority of light.  These bags will come in handy for many things.  Also consider getting a couple rolls of duct tape to seal the edges.  If you can’t afford that, have some black spray paint available.  Make sure you use all these things inside the house, so they can not be removed from the outside.

Darkness is your friend in this situation.  Remember that these are simple steps that are very do-able.  If you have these things available, you and your home will be much more prepared in the event of any emergency.



  1. You really have some good idea on prepping a house and protecting a home with darkness. Thank you for sharing with us 🙂

    • I appreciate you checking in.I think Katrina showed how being a beacon was sometimes a bad thing. I just want folks to be aware of the situation around them, before they get in trouble. Have a great day!

  2. Great article, I was also reading about how people would never store all their supplies in one area. Instead they would hide stuff all over the house and if possible in the backyard. Also they keep wanna be thieves out by not advertising that they have been prepping, you look just as bad off as they are and they leave you alone and move on.

    • Yes, not having your eggs in one basket is always a good plan…not only because of looting ,but natural disasters too. In a tornado or earthquake part of your home could be dangerously damaged and a different spot, unaffected. I believe that people should be aware of their neighbors. I don’t make a big deal about crazy prepper talk, but I am friends with several folks around me who are likeminded. In an emergency, I have people who will be a help. I try to help the people around me be prepared so we create a safe zone for everyone if something bad happened. I am blessed to live in a very self reliant area of the world.

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